Taking a Chance on Me

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It is a rainy February morning as I’m wondering if God is pushing me towards my dreams and desires. It feels as if He is actually setting me up for what I want with my writing and other aspects of my life. It makes me smile thinking about it. I applied for an online, part time position that I could do on the weekends. I just knew that I would get the position, but I didn’t. I tried to be positive by thinking that a more qualified person probably got it instead. So I continued to look for more online, part time positions. While doing so, I kept coming across work dealing with freelancing, blogging, etc. I just ignored it because I kept thinking that there is no way that this would work out for me because of the anxiety that seems to arise when I share my writing.

So as I was beginning my “me time” by opening my Bella Grace magazine to read the next article, I opened to the article “Falling In Love With Blogging” words and photographs by Tammy Strobel. It was amazing! She talked about her different struggles and fears that she had when sharing her writing. It was so cool because it is some of the same ones that I have. Then she explained some of the lessons she learned as well. One thing that truly resonated with me was the reference she made to how simply getting started on your journey is half the battle. This made me think of how I did the same thing with my fitness and nutrition as well. It was inspiring to see how it all aligned. Strobel also talked about Seth Godin’s reference that he made on his podcast Akimbo on the episode “Blogs and Platforms and Permission”. He basically talked about the importance of publishing your work in order to get out of your head. This again was both shocking and amazing because I struggle with this tremendously. I have even taken a writing course to help me with this issue; yet, I continue to stay stuck in my head. The last thing that caught my attention was that Strobel is a teacher too. She is a teacher who started a blog to share her creativity. This apparently lead her to freelance writing, authoring books, articles, and being featured in well known magazines and shows. This was all possible because she took one small step in the right direction.

What if this is why I didn’t get the online, part time job? What if God knows the desires of my heart and He is trying to lead me there? I even read some yesterday about how advertisements on blogs and freelance writing are both good way s to make online, part time money. I dismissed the idea though for fear of not being up to par. Then I read this article this morning. God knows what He is doing. He does know the desires of my heart. He knows I would love to be a published author one day. I would love to get paid for my writing.

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I began my college career majoring in journalism and electronic media. I wanted to be a sports journalist, but my love for kids took over. I don’t regret my life choice. I’m proud of it. I wanted something stable and where I could make a difference. Even though through the years my writing may have had to take the back seat to educating young minds, it always came back strong. I’ve been journaling, recording, and creating stories for as long as I can remember. It is definitely something God has instilled in me, and I am grateful for it. My attention to detail and feelings go hand in hand with it too. Plus, I always say I’m not creative. Instead, I say I am organized. However, if truth were told I believe my writing is my creative side, but I am afraid to use it because it isn’t as safe as being organized. Creativity can be messy, unstable, and impulsive at times. These are all things that scare me because it means I have to release some control. But maybe that is the point though, you have to lose control to truly have it.

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2 thoughts on “Taking a Chance on Me

  1. I love this! Look at you, stepping out of your comfort zone to do something so brave! I am so excited to go on this journey with you, reading your blog and following you as your number 1 fan! Isn’t it amazing how one door closes, but there’s another right there for you!!! 💜 you!!

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  2. I dig the way you worded this introspective journey. Sometimes the known is the most unknown path to take. We simply cant fathom that our dreams could become the reality we wish they would be. Thanks for this added pep to my proverbial step!!!

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